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Upcoming Texas School of Floral Design Classes

Texas Master Florist Certification
April 12-15, 2024

Texas School of Floral Design 
413 S. West Drive
Leander, TX  78646
Texas Master Florist Registration Form

Registration deadline:  March 27, 2024

Fundamental Elements and Principles of Floral Design
July 19-21, 2024

Texas School of Floral Design 
413 S. West Drive
Leander, TX  78646
July 19-21, 2024 Registration Form

Registration deadline:  July 5, 2024

Texas Master Florist Certification
September 20-23, 2024

Texas School of Floral Design 
413 S. West Drive
Leander, TX  78646

September 20-23, 2024 Registration Form
Registration deadline:  September 10, 2024

Fundamental Elements and Principles of Floral Design
October 11-13, 2024

Texas School of Floral Design 
413 S. West Drive
Leander, TX  78646
October 11-13, 2024 Registration Form

Registration deadline:  September 26, 2024

Fundamental Elements and Principles of Floral Design Class Outlines

Registrants must attend all class meetings listed below to receive the full course knowledge. Certificates of completion are issued at the end of each class, on the last day. Transfers or substitutions are welcome prior to the date of the event. Cancellations received in writing at the TSFA office five days prior to the event will receive a refund — minus a 20% handling fee. If you do not cancel or transfer prior to the event date, the entire fee is non-refundable.


You will construct several basic designs and learn the best mechanics, such as proper balance, proportion and depth, to create beauty, stability and lasting quality that looks traditional or contemporary, large or small, elaborate or simple. The constant guidelines of composition, harmony, focal point, balance, proportion, line, rhythm, texture and color govern all floral design. You will learn the difference between principles and elements of design, gain an understanding of the function of color and learn color terminology and harmony.


Wedding work can quickly make or break a florist's reputation because of the cost and emotional investment it carries. Great customer satisfaction will be derived from good design, and greater profit and efficiency will come from good mechanics. Learn to construct basic wedding designs with the most efficient mechanics, including bridal and attendant bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and hair pieces. Instructions are also included for wedding aisle markers, arches and more, and you will also review the mechanics for designing flowers to adorn the wedding cake.


Funeral flowers are more than an expression of sympathy; they are symbols of faith and respect that express courage and love to those grieving. Learn to make the arrangements that will be the most appropriate for the personalized family tribute, including sprays, baskets, casket covers and wreaths.


To be a successful retail florist, you must be more than an excellent designer. You must also have a thorough understanding of the business side of owning a flower shop. The combination of exceptional floral designs and a mastery of the basics business principles will lead to a successful and profitable retail flower shop. Learn the process of opening a retail flower shop, how to read a monthly financial statement, ways to determine a breakeven point, how to calculate the cost of goods sold, marketing for the retail flower shop and inventory control.

Cut flowers undergo the same aging process as the mother plant, only faster. However, the rate of deterioration can be slowed down considerably by supplying the cut flower with its basic needs. Learn to care for your product, including the factors that affect quality, such as moisture balance, temperature, humidity and more, so the flowers still have plenty of life left in them for the customer to enjoy!

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