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Focused on protecting the registered trademarks of TSFA, and recognizing the value it brings to each member in good standing as well as to a PCF® (Professional Certified Florist),  TMF® (Texas Master Certified Florist), CFEP® (Certified Floral Event Professional) in terms of the associated designation, on the recommendation of TSFA’s legal counsel, a new policy has been initiated governing the members rights to use the trademarks “TSFA”, "PCF", TMF" and "CFEP."

That policy reads that the right to use the registered Trademarks of TSFA is a privilege of membership. During the Term of membership and/or certification, TSFA grants a non-exclusive royalty-free license to each Member, Professional Certified Florist, Texas Master Certified Florist, and Certified Floral Event Professional to use the appropriate Trademarks in association with each Member’s floral business solely as set forth in TSFA’s trademark guidelines (as part of the member’s name). All proprietary rights and use of the Trademarks by Members and the goodwill associated therewith inures to the benefit of TSFA, and each Member acknowledges and agrees that he or she has no right, title or interest in and to the Trademarks in any form or embodiment thereof and shall not acquire such rights based on its use of the Trademarks.

If, by operation of law, or otherwise, a Member is deemed to, or appears to, own any property rights in the Trademarks, that Member shall, at TSFA’s request, execute any and all documents necessary to confirm or otherwise establish TSFA’s rights therein.

Each Member shall not at any time during or after the Membership Term take any action which may adversely affect the Trademarks or in denigration of TSFA’s rights to the Trademarks. Except as set forth herein, TSFA does not grant any Member any rights in or the use of the Trademarks.

As a condition of accepting membership in TSFA, each Member agrees that he or she shall not use the Trademarks in any manner inconsistent with the trademark guidelines without the prior written approval of TSFA. Each Member’s rights to use the Trademarks terminates when membership has expired or terminated, and each Member acknowledges and agrees that as of the membership expiration or termination date, it shall remove all Trademarks from every location in which the Trademarks appear. During the Membership Term, in its sole discretion, TSFA may prosecute any use of the Trademarks by any Member which is inconsistent with the trademark guidelines. During or after the Membership Term, in its sole discretion, TSFA may prosecute any unauthorized use or reproduction of the Trademarks by any Member.

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