TSFA President
Gina Waters AAF TMFA

Welcome to what many are calling our new normal!  I find that it continues to change almost daily.  I hope that the days are getting easier for you, that you are settling into all that is new and feeling safe and a sense of well-being.

No one is alone.  We are all in this pandemic together, facing a changed world we could have never expected or planned for.  A year that will always be remembered as something we have never experienced.  Throughout this year we have had to cancel, postpone and reschedule our events.  These processes have kept us all busy, sharpened our skill set and reminded us to be flexible and open to new possibilities.

In researching the phrase Organic Structures, i learned that the phrase is described being used in organizations facing an unstable environment that must quickly adapt to changes.  Organic Structures provide flexibility to deal with a variety of elements.  These words are far more than a title of a Virtual Learning Session.  This was an amazing revelation and a perfect topic of discussion to be in place for the state of the world today.  Organic Structures are exactly what our TSFA Board and TSFA Staff have implemented throughout this unprecedented time.  

The commitment and support of our Texas Floral Education Underwriters, Board Members, Staff and every member of TSFA is what makes this all possible.  Thank you so much for your dedication to our Association.  So many exciting changes and new ideas to strengthen TSFA have come together in response to this unprecedented time.  Time has been invested in keeping the Texas floral industry strong and ready for whatever the future brings.

Continue to walk with us.  The best is yet to come.

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