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Texas Floral Events

The Texas State Florists' Association offers the best of design education and the business of flowers. This programming is presented through a variety of events and formats that fit the schedule and appeal to the lifestyle of Texans that want to learn and connect.
Events include:

TSFA Job Bank

Find the perfect employee at TSFA's Job Bank. Here, employers can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs.


Texas Certified Florist Program: TSFA has been a leader in the field of educational programs and was the first state florist association to develop a voluntary certification program for its members.

The overall program consists of twelve courses, six in Management and six in Design Production. The member is then eligible to take an examination to qualify as a Texas Master Florist, and is consequently awarded a certificate and gold pin.

Beginning and Intermediate Floral design courses are offered throughout the year to train new employees in the floral industry.

Texas Master Florists' Advanced Program: The Texas Master Florists' Advanced Certification is one of the most comprehensive educational programs offered in the floral industry. This unique opportunity is designed for members who have already obtained the prestigious Texas Master Florist designation. The Texas Master Florists' Advanced Certification program of professional excellence, is presented through comprehensive hands on workshops and seminars.

Professional Certified Florist Program: Because of the interest and inquiries from many other floral organizations, TSFA authored and copyrighted the complete Texas Certified Florist program and titled it the "Professional Certified Florist Program." It is available on a nationwide basis.

Consumer Marketing TSFA promotes the professional florist during public shows and annually at the State Fair of Texas where over 1 million consumers view the professionalism of our members and the beauty of our products. TSFA has developed a relationship with the Texas media that benefits the Texas florists.


TSFA Group Occupational Accident Insurane Program: This program is designed exclusively for Texas floral industry owners who do not carry worker's compensation insurance. It provides medical and disability coverage when an employee has an on-the-job-accident. This TSFA program has been underwritten at discounted premiums. Please contact: Association Insurance Services, Inc.
(512) 219-1911 or (800) 291-1061.


Legislative information, provided by the Association through its publications, fax network, and website, keeps members informed on important legislative proposals, administrative agency activities, tax legislation and rulings, and changes in the law which may have an effect on your business. TSFA holds a Legislative Action Day each year the Texas Legislature is in session to give the members the opportunity to meet with Legislators from their districts and discuss legislation and issues vital to the floral industry. In 2003, TSFA's leadership was successful in a major victory for Texas Florists. Texas Legislators passed Legislation banning deceptive telephone listings, prohibiting the use of phonebook listing that misrepresents a florist's location.


TSFA continually works with elected officials at the state level to shape legislation and regulatory proposals that affect the floral industry. TSFA's leadership was successful in a major victory for the Texas florists when the Texas Legislature passed legislation banning deceptive telephone listings, prohibiting the use of phonebook listings that misrepresent a florists location.

Business Forms and Envelopes

These items are available through TSFA at savings of 20% to 40%. Your Association knows your needs and can supply the finest quality custom-manufactured forms, computer forms and envelopes. For new orders, send a sample to TSFA with your request.

TSFA Website

The TSFA's website promotes retailers by shop listings and wholesalers and growers through a secure site with the password available to TSFA members. Other areas include a consumer page, educational information and calendar of events.

Classified Advertising

TSFA offers FREE classified advertising privileges for members. Companies advertising new merchandise or products they sell in the regular course of their business will pay the regular classified advertising rates. For more information call TSFA.


The TEXAS in Bloom provides useful articles on a variety of subjects. It presents new ideas on ways to make your business more successful, keeps you up-to-date on issues of concern to the Industry and upcoming events in your area, presents new products and changes in laws, and carries new stories regarding your associates in the floral industry. The magazine is mailed to all TSFA members monthly, except in July, the TSFA Yearbook, published in July, contains information on the Annual Convention, a membership roster, the Constitution and Bylaws of the organization, lists of the officers, directors, committees and staff. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, growers and service organizations may contract to place advertising in The TEXAS in Bloom or the TSFA Yearbook.

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