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Our floral industry is diverse and ever-changing. Customers are educated about product and demand superior service. Evolve your craft now! TSFA connects talented florists with renowned speakers and education experts. Our learning environments better your designs and business! Join your floral peers now, collaborate to pursue advanced certification. Your customers, team, product offerings and business will benefit!

Benefits to Earning your TMFA

Get fresh perspective on the industry and your shop
Capitalize on popular and profitable flower segments
Be re-inspired for management, sales and marketing
Take advantage of new methods to promote a shop
Network with peers who understand your challenges

TMFA betters florists' knowledge and design skills

Advanced certification also includes:
Registration discounts for some education programs
TMFA pin specially personalized with your name
Wear the pin in your shop for customers to see
Special recognition at TSFA award ceremony

TMF Eligibility Requirements

You must have first obtained your Texas Master Florist designation to pursue your TMFA advanced certification. Class costs vary based on materials and designers.

Steps to Becoming a Texas Master Florist Advanced

To attain your prestigious TMFA certification requires an empowering combination of courses, workshops and conventions:

  1. Attend courses in 4 of 12 TSFA-approved topics
  2. Attend 4 TSFA Convention approved hands-on workshops
  3. Earn 1 credit per class
  4. You have 4 years to obtain 8 total required credits

The Texas Certified Florist Course Content:

Choose which relevant and compelling subjects best suit you. Approved topics:

Capitalize on the Sympathy Segment
Color Trends and Future Forecasting
Current Design Techniques and Styles
Interconnected: Fashion and Flowers
Manage Social Media and Technology
Merchandising and Store Displays
Principles for Accurate Bookkeeping
Product Development + Trend Forecasting
Quality Home Florals and Interior Design
Sculptural Art and Floral Arrangements
Tropical Designs: Delivery from Paradise
Weddings: Unique, Blissful, Profitable

Watch for upcoming TSFA approved classes on our Classes/Workshops page.
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Interested in taking advantage of all the benefits available to members of being a Texas Master Florist? Download, complete and send in your application today!

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