Following the annual convention of the Texas State Florists' Association, held this past July, dozens of Texas Florists rearranged the many floral displays, placed them in vases, and then delivered over 500 bouquets and arrangements to hospitals and nursing homes in the Clear Lake area.

TSFA Members personally delivered the hundreds of bouquets to the hospitals. Volunteers then carried the arrangements to nurse's stations, patient rooms, and common areas. TSFA received dozens of thank you cards and messages. One nursing home resident said, "When I walked into the dining room, I was speechless. I noticed everyone felt the same way."

"We are so delighted to know that patients and hospital staff at these fine medical institutions have an opportunity to enjoy the most magnificent floral arrangements our florists can create, " explains Judy Rutledge, President of the Texas State Florists' Association. "This is part of the excitement of the convention every year, wherever it is held, that the 800 Texas florists who attend the convention annually know that their creations are not going to waste, but will have a glorious second life at local hospitals."

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