How long have you (or someone you know) postponed pursuing TMF credentials?

Nine of the Texas Certified Florists Courses are now available for students registered in the TCF Program, to take online at TSFA's website. The three hands-on courses still must be taken in a classroom setting.

All candidates passing the exam in June will receive their new TMF credentials at this Summer's convention.

Basic Skills & Terminology

This hands-on workshop will benefit you if you are new to the floral industry or have been assisting in basic design. You learn techniques to help design faster and be more profitable in your floral business.

Fundamental Floral Design

Three hands-on workshops include the fundamentals for "Basic Design Techniques", "Wedding Design Techniques" and "Funeral Design Techniques".

The Texas Certified Florist Program

The Texas Certified Florist Program is the recognition of floral professionalism. The TCF Program consists of six design and six management workshops. Upon successful completion of the twelve classes an individual may then test to become a Texas Master Florist.

The Texas Master Florist Advanced Certification

The Texas Master Florist Advanced Certification is one of the most comprehensive educational programs offered in the floral industry. This unique opportunity is designed for members who have already obtained the prestigious Texas Master Florist designation. The Texas Master Florist Advanced Certification Program of professional excellence is presented through comprehensive hands on workshops and seminars.

Interested in taking advantage of any of the Education Opportunities available from the Texas State Florists' Association? Download and complete and send in your Education Application today!

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