Texas Consumers: Have You Encountered Online Companies Posing as Local Florists?

Are you sure?

Telemarketing firms are posing as local florists and charging higher fees. You can protect yourself by taking these steps to be sure the flower shop you are choosing is really in your local town.

It's against the law to pose as a local florist if you aren't!
Steps you can take to choose a florist in your local town:

To learn  more or  file a complaint, contact the Texas Attorney General's Office,

Do you have a complaint about deceptive floral advertising on the Internet? TSFA was instrumental in passing legislation during the 2011 Texas Legislature making it illegal to misrepresent the geographic location of a business. If you have encounter this deception you may file a formal complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office under Consumer Protection or visit: https://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/complain.shtml

The bill that become law on Sept 1, 2011 is HB 989. Read the bills language by going to the Texas Legislature online-Bill look up or click here

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